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I used to think that people either had a great burning desire to accomplish big things or they didn’t. I figured that the people the with big dreams accomplished them, and everyone else was just normal.

But I was wrong.

Years of wrestling to bring my own big dreams to reality taught me just how wrong I was.

Despite a burning desire to do more, I coasted along for years being ‘normal’.

Obviously, desire wasn’t the only thing that made people accomplish great things.

Pretty soon, I was investigating every ‘normal’ person I knew. What are they hiding? I wondered. What does their heart long to create in the world? Are they drawn to bigger things but stuck in normal, like me?

Obviously, not everyone is wired this way, but I woke up to the reality that there is many a gift to the world hiding, still wrapped, in the hearts of the ‘normal’ people.


When my husband, Lenny, asked me this question, I knew the answer revolved around those unwrapped gifts that us ‘normal’ people hold in our hearts.

He asked in order to help me decide about a training course that I was considering. The purpose of the course was to up my blogging game and reach more people with my writing.

It was a logical question: What are you doing that you need to reach more people?


If I write for my personal fulfillment then there’s no need of a big audience. But I’ve never written just to hear myself write. I’ve always written to help readers overcome the roadblocks that keep them from accomplishing the big things they have inside.

I guess that’s my ‘why’ in a nutshell. My ‘what’ or my vision is to create something useful, practical, actionable with my blog, not unlike what Lenny creates in his workshop.

What is he creating in his shop?

Knives, tools, furniture and art that help people get a job done with tools that won’t let them down and that satisfy their desire for quality; luxury, even.

UpGradual is my workshop

Over the last few years, I have written about a variety of personal growth and lifestyle topics with the idea of encouraging people and helping them thrive in their marriage, parenting and faith; hence the name UpGradual.

The problem with personal growth as a topic, though, is that I can curate all kinds of wisdom and store it on my blog, but what it amounts to, in shop talk, is a box full of sandpaper and welding rods.

Lenny’s shop is not a storage place for tools and nor should my blog be.Tools

He creates tools that solve problems for people.

In my personal life, I have always felt that I could learn how to solve even the most daunting of problems. I haven’t always gotten it right the first time, but I’ve certainly learned a lot along the way.

I want to use that knowledge and experience to help my readers stop running headlong into the roadblocks created by wrong thinking and limiting beliefs.

That’s why I created UpGradual: to share stories and lessons from my own life that solve thinking and belief problems so more ‘normal’ people can unwrap their big gifts and finally deliver them to the world.

To get more about me and what UpGradual is about, go here: About Me


I write stories from my own journey to inspire you in yours. It's more than okay to be authentic and real as you grown in faith and I want you to know you're not alone.

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