There will be millions of gifts under Christmas trees this weekend.

Some are being opened as I write this.

Some will be torn into with relish in the morning.

Still more will wait until someone comes back from their Dad’s home to yours.

That’s how things roll at our house.

Two of our kids are home and big enough to wait until Boxing Day for their younger (step) brother to be around for all the opening.

But there is one thing that I wish for them every day of the year, and I wish it for you too.

Big Grace.

The kind that lets you live from your whole heart.

What I truly want for 2017 – but right now, this second, would be better – is the opportunity to go first telling my story in a way that lets you know more of your own story.

I have this dream that everyone I know and love would be able to stop struggling under a great weight of shame, and truly live, from their big, tender hearts.

And that includes you.

If I don’t know you, I don’t care.

If you’ve read UpGradual more than once, then you’re one of mine.

And I pray that you will get grace for Christmas.

Merry Christmas and thank you for reading in 2016!


I write stories from my own journey to inspire you in yours. It's more than okay to be authentic and real as you grown in faith and I want you to know you're not alone.

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