You know those people who call themselves devout Christians but you still hear them swearing like a stevedor? Or the Christian bloggers who will drop an F-bomb for dramatic effect?

I had a coffee with a friend from church today and our conversation didn’t answer the question of swearing and sin, but we did come up with some parametres that made me chuckle.

We agreed that the F-bomb is generally a little over the top if we’re really making an effort to ‘represent’. Though, I have to admit that I dropped one yesterday, and to my wonderful church lady, at that.

Sorry Val! (And Jesus, obviously.)

We, both being farm girls, also agreed that a little word that starts with ‘sh’ just describes a reality of farm life. We’ve both used it for it’s intended purpose, by times.

I also have to admit that, though it is a farm reality, once I had children, I changed my mind, a bit. I realized that a 4-year-old in a grocery store saying the s-word to an elderly lady wouldn’t pass muster. So, basically, the s-word confuses me.

What I do know is that, representing or not, it’s not my job to decide if a person’s F-bomb – or s-bomb, for that matter – hinders their relationship with their Lord. If he addresses it with them, it will be none of my gol durn* business.

✻ – Nasty “swear” taken from the mouth of Almonzo Wilder, 10 years old in eighteen seventy something, as recorded by his later wife, Laura Ingalls Wilder.

(My question to that is, can we really call anything from Little House on the Prairie a swear word?)

Seriously, now

I know there is disagreement about swearing among Christians.

Obviously, anything relating to God, doesn’t cut it. (Which actually might make gol durn worse than both the s- and the f-words, come to think of it). But where should we stand on the issue of swearing?

This article from Christianity Today called The Trouble with Cussing Christians hits the nail on the head. Totally worth the read if you’re really trying to find your feet on the issue of swearing.


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