Can life-changing revelation from God come upon us quietly and still be real?

Can life-changing revelation from God come upon us quietly and still be real?

You’ve heard the stories. The ones about the heavens opening up, angel’s singing and God’s voice, sounding for all the world like Morgan Freeman, booming out some world changing revelation.

“I heard God speak to me through my miniature cactus plant, man. For real.”

You know what I mean. I’m not making fun. Revelation can come in like a tidal wave.

But can the truth also become clear quietly and still stick?

I hope so because that’s what happened to me this week. 

It felt almost like it would if a friend surreptitiously slipped a note between the pages of my book, while I wasn’t looking.

It actually did happen in a book. It was in a simply written children’s book about an NBA basketball star with a noteworthy faith that I heard God speak to me.

This athlete was getting his behind handed to him, career-wise. (It was Jeremy Lin, actually. Interesting guy, whether you like basketball or not. Worth looking him up.)

Anyway, he was struggling and, very simply, with deep faith, he reminded himself that, in all things, God works for the good of those who love him (Rom 8:28).

Jeremy decided that he could be optimistic because he knew God would work things for his good, whatever that looked like.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Romans 8:28

And, just like that, something shifted in my understanding of God’s love.

It was for me. Like, specifically. In detail. For me.

He’s paying attention, has plans and will move on them because I’m important to him. And, that was it. New info, moved from head to heart.

Here’s the Takeaway

This was not new information to my head. I’d read this all over the Bible. Heck, I’d even had a random stranger tell me that Jesus loved me, long before I’d ever considered setting foot in a church.

If I’d heard this a million times before, why did it not sink in? Why now?

I can’t say why God’s timing was what it was. What I do know, is this:

You will hear things that you believe with your intellect, but not with your heart. God wants you to believe them with your heart. I’m certain that he’s moving you towards them right now.

He’s repeating himself to you in a million different ways until you get it. Like a Mom reminding her child to pick up their socks, only with less exasperation and infinitely more patience and love.

He’s speaking to you in the everyday, over and over again, to change your heart.

Here’s a tip:

If you don’t put yourself in the way of his truth, you’re probably not going to get it. So read your Bible and listen. Live your life and listen, again. Pray for an open, moldable heart. Listen.

Know that, someday, he may drop a truth-bomb in your lap and rock your world. Or, he may slip a tiny note between the pages of your book for you to read, believe, and carry around in your pocket forevermore.

Either one works. God’s got mad heart-transforming skills.


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