Pride comes before disaster,
and arrogance before a fall.
 Better to be humble with the needy
than to divide plunder with the proud.

~ Proverbs 16:18-19

Ever met someone who felt they didn’t need even an ounce of improvement? I once had someone close to me say:

“I just can’t think of a single thing about myself that needs to change.”

You mean to say that you’re perfect just as you are? That your 27 years childhood, youth and young adulthood were enough learning to carry you though another 70 years of life?

Insert stunned face here.


That’s not what I said at the time.  I don’t remember what I said and, frankly, its unimportant.  What I did, at that point, was let go of the friendship.  Not necessarily the right thing to do but I was struck by a feeling of hopelessness about the relationship.  Things were not going to get better under that type of thinking, so I moved on.

Shortly thereafter I came under the influence of some people in a personal growth and counselling atmosphere who said:

“Colleen, you’re extremely unlikely to find a partner in life who will match you in your drive to improve yourself and grow.  Men are just not up to the task these days.  You’re best to find someone you like and who doesn’t get in the way of your growth, kind of like a pet.  But don’t expect an intellectual and spiritual partner.”

No joke.  Insert baffled face here.


So, this is the Monday Morning Bragging Wife, right?  Can any regular readers guess what I’m going to say about Lenny? 😀

You betcha!

Reading good books about leadership and excellence, listening to great speakers and associating with wise and like-minded men; this is normal for Lenny.

On the other side of the ‘I’m perfect as I am’ coin, is the sin of arrogance about how much you’re learning and growing.   That’s why I appreciate so much that Lenny is working on associating with – and allowing the influence of – other good men.  Being around people who outshine you in personal and spiritual development has a way of keeping us humble, doesn’t it?

And, yet, I can still brag because, really, how many construction workers do you think are listening to a half a dozen teaching cds through the course of one workday? Not many.  But I know one.  And, boy, did he prove some people wrong!

How blessed am I?

Your Turn

How blessed are you?  What improvements have you noticed in your husband over time?  If you haven’t noticed many, what are some other things about him that you feel blessed by?  You know there are some.  And I’d love to hear about them!

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