Everyone needs a fan.  This morning’s brag session is about my biggest fan and how I can be his in a world that wants him to believe he’s not all that.

Here we go…

I’m sure our youngest would argue for the title of biggest fan, but when it comes to concrete, logical and feeling encouragement, Lenny is number one.  (As I write this, I’m realising that I’m super blessed with people who could compete for that title.  Wow! Thank you, Lord!)

Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?

– Matthew 6:27

When I have a moment of worry- most often about whether I’m doing a good enough job of teaching our children – Lenny is right there to tell me what he sees.  Far from being a glory hog, he knows that, with his work schedule and skill set, he would not be able to provide them with the things that I provide them with.  He teaches them lots but he’s great at telling me what he see’s me teaching them.

How blessed am I?

Lenny’s support is a great boost and helps me to curb my inclination to worry.  Another thing it does is remind me to keep an eye to how I’m doing in the roll of ‘encourager’. (Seriously? ‘Unfriend’ is a word in the dictionary but ‘encourager’ isn’t?!?)

Men Are Morons – Why I Think Women Need to Up Their Game

A tradition started many years ago!

A tradition started many years ago!

There is a reason why I take my roll as encourager, cheerleader and general Lenny-booster very seriously.

Have you watched a sitcom or a funny movie lately?  Next time you watch one, take note of the family dynamics going on.  Moronic men, controlling, demeaning women and snarly, sassy children are the norm. Very often the mom and the kids form a team against the dad, driving home the point that he is unnecessary – even a hindrance in their lives.  At best, the men are often portrayed as something akin to the family pet.

If an alien were to watch our media, what would they think of our men? How about when our own children watch the same media – what does their subconscious mind absorb about what makes a man?

(In fact, if anyone has a recommendation of a funny movie that portrays responsible, sensible men contributing to their lives in a meaningful way, please share! :))

This is a really big deal to me.  It’s why I participate actively in the media war.

I have a great encourager and I strive to be his cheerleader as well.

Is there a way that you could encourage your man more?  Is there a way that he encourages you that we could all learn from and add appreciation to?

Do tell!

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