Monday is fast becoming my favourite day of the week.  I get to brag on Lenny!  And, I hear from other women who know what gems they have been given as well.

So, without further ado, let me tell you another great nugget about my man. It’s nothing flashy but it makes everyday better.

The Dish

Bragging Wife (1)

Lenny is, intentionally, working on becoming a master of the small things.

Doesn’t sounds too impressive, you say?  What’s the big deal about small things, you ask?

Let me give you a few examples and I think you’ll agree that a few small things quickly make a big difference.

Holding the Door

And I don’t mean once in a while if he happens to be in the mood.  I, personally, enjoy being treated with the extra respect that door opening shows. So, Lenny decided that he would get good at doing that.  Now, it is the way it is.  He makes sure he gets to the door first. Intentionally.  Because of what it means.

Giving Me the ‘Big Car’

As I write, it’s becoming obvious that the reason these small things make a big impact is the care that they imply.  I’m perfectly capable of taking the small car on the slushy weather days.  It has winter tires.  I would be fine.  But he knows that I would feel more comfortable in the bigger, safer-feeling vehicle.  If someone is going to have a problem on the road, he wants it to be him.


Learning My Love Language

In a previous post, I mentioned the book The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman.  What a phenomenal book.  He teaches that different people have different love languages.  And, that your spouse’s language is not likely to be the same as yours.  Meaning that showing love in that ‘foreign’ language won’t be easy.  You’ll have to make an effort to learn how.

That’s another major small thing that gets Lenny some big time bonus points.  Before he started applying what’s in that book, I was starved for the physical affection that hits the mark for me.

For Lenny, physical touch had one purpose.  Yes, you know what I’m talking about.  It was either for moving someone who was in his way or for getting me into his way.

For me, on the other hand, a kiss on his way by while I’m cooking dinner, a hand on my knee when we’re on the couch and a for-no-reason hug now and again are pretty much essential to my feeling appreciated.  Can I get by without them and not implode?  These days I can, but that took some work.  But I still thrive and bloom when I do get a steady diet of my own love language.

So, again, simply because I would appreciate it, he read, re-read and learned to apply what they book said would work to make a better relationship.  And I can tell you, it does work.

Your Small Things

Those are three really big small things.  There are many more that I’ve seen being intentionally cultivated by a dedicated man.  How blessed am I?

While the doing of the things is great, it’s really the fact that they didn’t come naturally and he has to work to make them habits that makes them remarkable.

What does your spouse do that is remarkable?  Anything small or big, if it rocks your world, please leave a comment below.  And remember, don’t just leave your appreciative words here.  Shower them on him whenever you get the chance.  His ego won’t get too big. Believe it or not, it could probably use a boost from you, his biggest fan.


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