This morning’s brag is shorter than many of the comments I leave on some of your blogs that I read.

Why? Easter, of course! medium_8603256034

I didn’t write one this weekend.  I opted to focus on what the Easter weekend is about.  We went to services at church, we visited with family, we reflected and talked about what Jesus did for us that first Easter so long ago.

And we ate.

Boy, did we eat!

medium_4501015097And, when it comes to food, Lenny is truly a leader.  Mmm… while I was enjoying a cup of coffee on the sofa with my mother, Lenny was in the kitchen making sure the turkey was basted, just so.  He was orchestrating the veggies and working his magic on the gravy.  He halved new heirloom potatoes and roasted them in olive oil on the barbecue. (Thank you, Lord, that our barbecue survived the winter without an infestation of earwigs!)

While he didn’t do all of the food preparation, he did more than half.  He made it delicious where I would have made it merely enjoyable.

And, as if that weren’t enough, he shared his chocolate with me.  The chocolate orange that he’d been saving in the freezer since Christmas came out, one frozen section at a time, over the course of the weekend. One for him and one for me.Chocolate Orange

How blessed am I to have a man who provides all manner of things including turkey… and chocolate?!?

photo credit: melolou and Fr. Stephen, MSC via photopin cc

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