Open the door

Yesterday, I wrote a post about my own journey to understanding that manners are meant to open doors to relationships.

Before sharing the blog post, I shared just this image that went with it.

And, the reaction to that image brought me to my knees, and then back to my keyboard.

I was on my knees in thanks.

Thank you, Lord, that something I write could ever give a reader the sense that they’re not alone in grasping the door handle, pulling to keep it closed, while you gently call us to open it and go through.

Thank you, also, for an outlet for the story of my own journey. Thank you for the words to tell it in a way that makes readers say, “Me too”.

Whether they’re encouraged to know they’re not alone in the battle, or they’re spurred on to keep climbing on their way up a hill that I’ve just crested, I recount my journey because I know I’m not the only one on it.

And, yes, every bit of my life’s journey is a spiritual event. If I believe in an all-powerful, loving God, how could it be otherwise?

Regardless of why my words resonate with people, I feel a responsibility to keep sharing – because I see things. (No, not like the little boy in The Sixth Sense. He saw dead people.)

I see things, in myself and in other live, teaming-with-the-Holy-Spirit people.

What I see most are hearts full of gifts, passions and world-changing purpose. But I can barely get a glimpse of them, because they’re behind closed doors.

And every one of those doors, we have reached out and pulled shut, sometime in our life, all for the same reason. Because we were deceived.

We, as women today, have absorbed so many lies, whether subtly, through an attitude that surrounded us growing up, or rudely, through hurt that we’ve suffered in life, or any of a million different ways.

It doesn’t matter how we got here.  Here we sit, alone with our false-truths and our divine gifts, holed up behind the Deceiver’s doors, trying desperately to keep whoever is knocking from getting in.

That’s why I feel called to write about my journey. I want to tell you, through my own experience, who is really knocking on your door.

Believe me, the journey your on is all about opening the doors you’ve shut on your heart, because they don’t just keep your love from getting out. They keep His love from getting in.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.

John 10:10


I write stories from my own journey to inspire you in yours. It's more than okay to be authentic and real as you grown in faith and I want you to know you're not alone.

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