Lenny in the snowI mean that in the best possible way.

That is, in the fun way.

I know certain personality types are more inclined to put a high value on it than others. Children, however, are pretty much unanimous.

Playing is where it’s at.

Personally, I will never win for ‘Best Playdate’ at our house. I try, but I’m more a story reader than a story teller.  I’m a play fight cheerleader more than a contestant. And I’m not usually the one hiding around a corner, ready to pounce.  I’m the one in the room being stared at with imploring eyes that say, “Mom, please! Pretend I’m not here!”.

At our home, the title of Playdate King goes to Dad and I really appreciate him for it.

Yes, Lenny is a real player.

Most women would not be happy if their man was considered ‘a player’.  I use this term because it means two great things to me.

One: He’s totally not that kind of player. So far from it. I can call him that with great peace.

Two: He plays so well with all of our children. He creates fun out of thin air.  So much so that people notice.

Strangers notice. Our friends notice.  Most importantly, our children notice.  And they bask in it.  He teaches them that life is to be enjoyed, smiles are to be worn boldly and laughter is for sharing.

So, what are the great things that your spouse does in your life?  Do you have a player?  If not, what do they contribute?

Even if you feel your other half is dropping the ball in many areas, there is (almost always) something that they do well, isn’t there?  They bless you in some small way.

If the blessings seem too rare to get excited about, you may not believe me when I tell you that focusing on them will bless you even more.  Please suspend your disbelief and try.  Banish thoughts of what isn’t getting done and focus on something that is being done well.

Perhaps, your spouse blesses you by being a player too.

Please let me know the ways your spouse excels at something you do not.  Small or big, I want to hear.


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