Housekeeping is not for the Crazy Days Between Christmas and New Years.

Piles of stuff crowd the dining room table, so I’ve decided to sit on the couch to write. I shoved a half empty ‘book’ of Lifesavers, a stack of new movies and two chocolate letters aside to make room for my feet on the coffee table.

Now I’m comfy. From here, I can survey the proof that real life hasn’t restarted.

We’ve opened all the Christmas presents and done most of our visiting. But life hasn’t returned to normal yet. It won’t until after New Years. So there’s this week where none of the rules seem to apply.

There is no school to get up for. There is no need to pick up our junk (at least at our house). It’s still okay to have Bailey’s in your coffee. And coffee is what’s for breakfast.

I can see nothing but mess as I survey the living room. And, to be honest, I’m a little bit proud of it.

Not proud that our kids got more chocolate than they needed. And not proud that we’re blessed enough, even in lean years, like 2016, to buy them somewhat decent Christmas gifts.

I’m just a little proud that I can leave all this mess here and not feel like a failure.

Today will be tidy-up day because I don’t like to live in a mess, but leaving things around, taking a break from making everything perfect, feels like a victory over self -persecution, somehow.

I am so prone to letting things that have no right to comment be the loudest voices in my self-worth debate. Thankfully, the housekeeping police don’t get a place at my table.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up. Just Don’t.

I feel for people who are beating themselves up because the crazy Christmas schedule has beaten them at the housekeeping game.

Somewhere through the years, I decided, that the bare-bones purpose of housekeeping is to make it possible to function in our house. And, on these days-out-of-time, we just don’t have a lot of need to function.It’s beautiful.

It’s beautiful.

Personally, I have a need for sanity, though. And we’re nearing the line, so the tidying must begin!

Here’s to letting our reasons for housekeeping be practical and not tied to our self-worth this between Christmas and New Years!



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