In the car I usually throw in a CD or MP3 and listen to great talks from my favourite speakers.  When I don’t, I listen to UCB Canada Belleville.


The other day, while I was waiting at the gas station, they did a give away for two free tickets to see Heaven Is for Real and a copy of the book.Not unusual for a radio station to do, I’m aware.  But it is unusual for me to call in.  And I was successful.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to UCB for a lovely night at the movies with my kids!  And now we have a debate going on about who gets to read the book first.

We are definitely fans of good information as entertainment and UCB provides this, as did this movie.  There was lots to talk about coming out of the theatre.

Did they leave out the How-To of accessing heaven out of the movie?

Will this have a good impact, causing people to consider their faith in new ways?  Will people who are sure there is no heaven reconsider?

Is it promoting Christianity Lite?

Great conversations with my kids.  How about you?  Any readers have thoughts on the Heaven is for Real movie?



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