Brokenness will always be a willing canvas for beauty. Your story is your gift that you bring to the world. Please don't censor it.

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Stories are everywhere. The best ones all follow the same pattern.

Dream. Struggle. Victory.

And, yet, so often, I find myself shying away from the struggle part.

(Okay, it’s probably more like running screaming from the struggle part.) Not only do I want the struggle part to go away for my sake, but my inclination is to hide it from others.

When I write here at UpGradual, I am constantly guarding against my desire to smooth rough edges and tame down the questions and feelings that are the real part of my story.

Today, I’m not giving you more of my story. Though I pray that, when I do, my story makes you feel less alone on your journey.

Today, I’m just asking a question.

Are you censoring your story?

If you’re not sure, or if that ‘No’ felt like it came just a little bit too fast, take a few minutes to read my post The Number One Way to Know if it’s Time to Bite Your Tongue or So What If I Did? And, ask yourself again, are you censoring your story?

Do you know that it’s your real, unadulterated weakness that makes the best story? Rather, it’s the reality that, even in that weakness, you are cherished and can never be separated by the King of Kings.

You may not be an out and out storyteller like myself, like Morgan Harper Nichols, in her song, or like the people at, who penned the quote in that image I used.

And, I’m not saying to spill your personal details to anyone with two ears and a pulse.

What I am saying is that God’s power is on display in our weakness, so at least don’t hide it. You never know when your story will be the hope that someone needs to take one more step.

“…for my power is made perfect in weakness.”


I write stories from my own journey to inspire you in yours. It's more than okay to be authentic and real as you grown in faith and I want you to know you're not alone.

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