More than costumes, food and parties, Hallowe'en is an opportunity for Christians

Post Hallowe’en Reflection: Misplaced Christian Fear

Hallowe’en has been in my life, well, forever.

Once we started going to church, there was this feeling that, maybe, we should quit the habit, but it never quite felt right.

Over the years, I’ve given it some thought and some prayer and come to a firm thumbs up for the costume-wearing, candy consuming celebration.

As it turns out, I’m not the only one.

While researching the different positions that Christians take on this controversial celebration, I found that David Mathis, executive editor for agreed with me. At the bottom of this post, I’ve included a link to his super-relevant article on the subject.

If you’re unsure whether you did the right thing this year, read on.

5 Reasons Hallowe’en is Good for Christians:

#1 – Because imaginary play is fun.

Don’t get all ‘no fantasy’ on me.

Casey and Finnegan were fantasy, for you Canadians. Kermit the Frog, Fraggle Rock, the Cookie Monster. If you don’t think that a talking frog is a fantasy then it’s you who’s living in la-la land.

#2 – Because yum!

That’s all. There is nothing unchristian about candy apples, ghost cookies, and pillowcases full of candy, is there? (Please say no.)

#3 – Because the world loves Hallowe’en.

Let’s be honest, nobody is going to come running to Jesus because of how much we reject what they see as good clean fun. We’re not talking pornography or child abuse, here.

Even the most pagan of pagans could side with us on those things. But Hallowe’en? We might want to pick battles that are going to make on whit of sense to the rest of the world.

#4 – Because the Boogie Man is Real.

It’s true. And our kids need to know it. We all do.

The origin of Hallowe’en seems to be a pagan celebration where people wore costumes to ward off evil spirits. And they weren’t completely wrong.

There are evil spirits roaming around. All. The. Time. And, yes, we have a responsibility and the authority to ward them off. Seems like Hallowe’en is a perfect tie-in to teaching about the spiritual realm and the kingdom that we live in.

Obviously, age appropriate teaching is needed. And parents need to have veto power over costume choices. And, I’m not saying he’s running it but, if the devil is trying to use Hallowe’en for his purpose, we can redeem it.

Like a lady handing out candy at a local church we stopped at said, “The devil is always trying to twist the church, to turn people away from God. Why can’t we turn his plans back on him?”

“Let’s boldly defy our adversary on precisely the night when he would most like for us to cower.”~ David Mathis

~ David Mathis

#5 – Because Jesus is Bigger.

My kids and I have a joke that Jesus is the ultimate Hallowe’en costume. They figure that, if the aim is to ward off evil spirits, why not dress up as the only one with the power to do it?

And, that takes us right back to number four.

I took that moment when they were congratulating themselves on this great, humourous idea to remind them that dressing like Jesus on the outside isn’t what will send the devil packing.

We – all of us – only have authority over the dark forces when we have Jesus on the inside.

And, if Hallowe’en can point anyone Christian or pagan back to their true identity, then I say, bring it on.

For more, more scholarly, thoughts on the subject, I highly recommend Christians, This is Our Night by David Mathis of


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